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January 2015

We plan on sharing pictures about our experience as the trip progresses, but understand that internet access is at times limited on Navarino Island and hence that updates may be sporadic rather than continuous. Also, we will leaving for Lake Robalo upon arrival from Punta Arenas on Jan. 3 and be camping there for 3 nights, so the first update from Navarino Island may be on Jan. 6th.

DSC_0186Dr. Ricardo Rozzi meets with students in Punta Arenas DSC_0222Jeff and other students view penguins in a colony near Punta Arenas. DSC_0246

Watching the penguins.

 DSC_0251Ricardo talks with students at the penguin colony.   DSC_0238Eddie and Alex at the penguin colony.  DSC_0259

Eddie on top of our favorite tree in Punta Arenas. It supported as many as a dozen of us at a time and had room for more.

DSC_0282New Year’s Eve in Punta Arenas.  DSC_0330Nina, Alyssa and Erika share a laugh before the ferry leaves Punta Arenas. DSC_0365Birding on the Straits of Magellan.
 DSC_0431Huddling together on the deck of the ferry to stay warm while sharing an avocado.  DSC_0442Group shot in the bow of the ferry.  DSC_0458Nina and Alex on the ferry.
 DSC_0459Jeff taking pictures on the ferry.  DSC_0493The UConn contingent in front of one of the glaciers we saw on the Beagle Channel.  DSC_0601Nina and other students settle into their tent after setting it up at Lake Tortuga, where we camped for three days.
 DSC_0616Exploring the shore of Lake Tortuga with the Dientes de Navarino in the background.  DSC_0646Getting set up for field work in the mountains.  DSC_0840UConn grad student Lily Lewis, at right, leads students in an exercise involving mosses at Omora Ethnobotanical Park in Puerto Williams.
 DSC_0889Wyatt and Alex draw mosses and lichens in Omora Park.  DSC_0893Lily works with Jeff on moss identification.  DSC_0937Alyssa shows bryologists the leaf of a Nothofagus tree. She and other students led tours of Omora Park for moss specialists attending an international conference in Puerto Williams.


DSC_0983Andrew talks about biocultural conservation in Omora Park. DSC_1011Erika talks with visiting bryologists in Omora Park while Alex looks on. DSC_1027Wyatt talks with one of the bryologists attending an international conference in Puerto Williams.
 DSC_1114Students work on their journals in the hostal where we stayed in Puerto Williams.  DSC_1197Students huddle together on the summit of Cerro La Bandera, where it was very windy, cold and snowy.  UCONN_flag_chile5Here’s the group on top of Cerro La Bandera, complete with Bernard and Bob.

As an illustration of how changeable the weather is on Navarino, this is what the top of Cerro La Bandera looked like five minutes earlier.


Students pose on the summit of Cerro La Bandera after spending a day setting up vegetation plots along an elevational gradient. The plots will be monitored each year to record any changes that may result from global warming.

 DSC_1286Relaxing in the hostal.

Erika explains the different perspectives that can be applied to biological communities during her group’s report on the week’s activities.


During his group’s final presentation, Wyatt explains the experiences that Eddie found most memorable.