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Things to bring

Here is a list of items that you should pack!


Some info to consider when packing:

Weather: You can find an overview of average temperatures and rainfall here.
Although it will be summer down there, the weather is more that of October–November in Storrs, I would say: the T is pleasant, it does not get hot, and it can rain any day, and at higher altitudes one could experience hail or light snow. I have never experienced continuous rain there; this may happen perhaps but is more characteristic of the western islands of the archipelago.

Laundry: the field station where we stay has a washer but no drier. You may only have one opportunity to wash, if even that.  A local resident who washes clothes may do a bulk load, especially when you return from the camping trip.


Should I bring:

– a ground cover (below tent): NO
– a sleeping mat: NO
– bug spray: NO
– a water filter: Unofficially, the answer is no. We have been drinking water directly from the river since the beginning of the courses, and have never had a problem, but you have to decide on your own if you want to drink the water directly from the river, or if you want to bring a filter. Water can be boiled at the camp if you want also.
– a day pack: a small back pack as a carryon would be a good idea, that can also double as a daypack when you are out during the day. This should not replace your pack for camping.
– my phone and purchase an international phone service: if you want to buy an international service plan for your phone, it may work on Navarino  depending on the provider (we know that ATT works, but it is extremely expensive). I would recommend that you do not purchase such plan; you should be able to contact your family via e-mail.
my computer: the organizers suggest that you bring your computer to connect to the internet (when it is available), and work on your final presentation. I understand that not everyone has a suitable laptop. Please let me know if you are taking your computer, so that I know if we may be facing a shortage…

Do I need a transformer for my computer?

You should check if your computer can take 220V input. As you now in the US power is supplied at 110V. I have a Mac and it transforms 220V into 110V, but you should check if your computer does. How? check if it reads “100-240V, 50/60 Hz,” If not you would need a transformer. This applies also to other electrical devices you may take and plug in directly. You can get this at major stores, and likely also at the international airport from you leave the US. More info on this subject.


Be prepared-10kg max luggage weight per person

Health needs

  • Bring cold medicine, and basic over the counter remedies in case you get sick or have an ailment
  • Prescription medications – each medicine should have the label directly on the container, a copy of the prescription would be good as well
  • Any personal toiletries, e.g., toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, shampoo/soap


  • No cotton in the field, field clothes should be wool, fleece, silk, or synthetic plastics (polypropylene/ capelene)
  • Good waterproof hiking boots
  • Sandals or flip flops for around the house and camp
  • Long-johns (polypropylene/capelene/ silk)
  • Long sleeve undershirt (polypropylene/ capelene/ silk)
  • Waterproof rain/wind suit (gore-tex is good)
  • Fleece jacket
  • Wool socks (several pair)
  • Toboggan or wooly hat
  • Fleece or wool vest
  • Gloves
  • Comfortable indoor clothes- cotton acceptable
  • Sunglasses (UV Rated)
  • Baseball cap, protection from the sun


  • Camera
  • Pin drive
  • Batteries, (rechargeable w/charger if you’d like)
  • Plug adaptor (see next page)
  • Music (CDs, CD players, MP3players, IPOD, etc.)
  • A pocket journal for writing in the field
  • Notebook
  • Pens & mechanical pencils
  • a cup, a tupperware with a lid, along with silverware. The tupperware type container is the best for meals at camp, and it is multi use to store thing you don’t want to get wet/broken.
    I did not know about this and it is not on the list of items to bring (I have now updated this list).

Money needs

  • Spending Money-$300 is probably a good minimum
  • Emergency Cash- $100 not to be spending money
  • Money for entrance visa-$100
  • Visa or MasterCard atm/debit (no American Express or Discover)

Camping gear

  • Small flashlight or headlamp
  • Whistle
  • Sun block
  • Sleeping bag rated to at least 0 ˚C
  • Personal hygiene products
  • Water bottle (this will help reduce waste on the island!)
  • Pocket knife, carry in checked luggage
  • Hiking pack-medium internal frame
  • Daypack/bookbag
  • Towel for bath/camping

Items we might like to coordinate as a group so everyone doesn’t have to bring

  • Computers
  • Hairdryers
  • Good camera equipment
  • Water filter for camping

PlugNOTE: Type C plugs

This type of plug is very common in most “universal” adaptor sets.
(Though the diagram shows a circular plug, quite often Type C plugs have a rectangular form factor.)